24 Hour Monitoring

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24 Hour Alarm Monitoring services are a crucial addition to your security system. Instead of just protecting your home with a siren only system, these types of systems can alert a company monitoring your home for you, send you messages regarding the status of your home or alert the Gardai in the case of a break-in or other emergency. Another important reason to invest in alarm monitoring is for smoke and fire detection, which can come as part of the security package. 24 Hour Monitoring can offer your home an even more complete security package, as someone will be safeguarding your home just as intently as you are.


Simple & Familiar

DualCom DigiAir® is a groundbreaking wireless digital communicator embracing the long-standing concept of a digi and combining it with the multi-network WorldSIM® as standard. DigiAir® uses the formula that has been so successful for the standard digi. Instead of a telephone line it simply utilises all mobile networks via a radio path. There is no need for additional SIM contracts or call charges. You just pay one monitoring charge yearly at the same or less than you paid for your landline monitoring but now without the cost of line rental. Monitoring Charges Per Annum including all Call and SIM (World SIM) Charges starting from €220.00.

Increased Reliability

Using patented technology, DigiAir® sends a signal from the protected premises to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) via a WorldSIM®. This multi-network SIM card can utilise any mobile phone network, offering the best guarantee of radio coverage anywhere in the UK or Ireland. DualCom DigiAir® will transfer to the strongest available network in order to deliver the alarm signal, offering the maximum, reliable performance from its radio path.
Like all CSL DualCom products, DualCom DigiAir® is supported by the Gemini® Managed Network, the platform that powers DualCom signalling. Gemini® is responsible for the integrity of hundreds of thousands of connections throughout Europe.Gemini® contacts the DualCom regularly and reports on its exact status, adding additional levels of protection to your alarm system. DigiAir® also offers compatibility with Gemini Insight® a clever web portal that provides installers with visibility on the performance of their signalling estate. This assists them in identifying issues in the earliest possible instance, before they become a problem for a customer.

Future Proof

Telephone networks in Ireland are undergoing upgrades to accommodate higher speed broadband services. These include migrating from copper to fibre networks and new cable networks sometimes known as Next Generation Networks (NGNs). This is essentially removing the component that digital communicators rely on to send a signal. DualCom DigiAir® is guaranteed to be unaffected by these changes as it is not reliant on any land-line or building infrastructure technology.